All steel post shall be assembled from 90mm outer diameter with 2.3mm thickness. These post will be galvanized before through polyester powder coating. Post is fixed with ABS cap.

Powder Coating for Steel Components:

At Reka Setia, the steel components are available in 10 colors in order to complement the theme of the playground. These colors can be applied to any of steel components. Before applying the colors, the steel need to be dipped with hot galvanized, then sprayed with polyester powder coating with colors that available.

Our steel components are also manufactured with quality in mind. It also come with extensive warranty, where it proves our confidence and commmitment into the quality of the products.

Polyethylene Products / Slides:

All plastic components shall be roto-moulded with low density polyethylene that consists of ultra violet (UV) stabilizers & are color moulded. The average thickness is 4~5mm.

Color for Polyethylene products:

We have various of colors available for our Polyethylene products. The color resins used are certified to be totally safe and non-toxic. The plastic is rotationally moulded with low density polyethylene and it contains UV stabilisers to prevent UV degradation.

With all these high quality manufacturing standards, we are sure that our products are safe to be play on and it’ll not easily ruined by rough usage and also by the environment. Furthermore, the extensive warranty for our products show our confidence in the quality.

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